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Cryptocurrencies have made remarkable progress in a short amount of time, offering numerous opportunities for individuals to invest their savings. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have the potential to revolutionize the banking system or complement it, providing more options for payments, payment methods, and complete blockchain applications that enable the Internet of Things.

The adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has been growing globally, with developers using blockchain more frequently to test and set up new applications. Cryptocurrencies are also being used as tokens within platforms, for exchange, and as payment units, making them an attractive investment option for individuals seeking growth and returns.

Overall, these developments present exciting prospects for the future, and the use of cryptocurrencies provides an excellent opportunity for investors to diversify their portfolio and potentially reap significant rewards.


How important will cryptocurrencies be in the future? At the beginning of the era of digital money, supporters and opponents regularly got into each other’s hair. Supporters predicted a world in which cryptocurrencies would squeeze fiat money out of the market.

Opponents predicted mafia practices would be complete anarchy and everyone would lose their money. We now know that neither of these scenarios will be the case. What we also know is that cryptocurrencies and blockchain make many things possible that were excluded in the past. Like contributing to the UN’s sustainable development objectives (SDG), the reorganization of renewable energy, but also the sharing of big data or cross-border payments without huge costs. And we are still at the dawn of it, because the first real-world applications are only now really being set up.

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. That is why Asian countries have started to regulate and accept blockchain applications, and that is why banks all over the world have started to work together with providers such as Ripple (XRP) and IBM/Stellar (XLM).


Our Crypto-Trading Sector

At Luxei Corporate Finance, we believe investors require an established, trusted, and accountable partner that can help them navigate their cryptocurrency investment exposure. We provide the traditional investment infrastructure to invest in this rapidly evolving neutral free market economy on the internet powered by crypto-assets. We are focused on bridging the gap between digital investment opportunities and traditional investors, who are looking to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies.


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Our Mission

Pioneering smart crypto investment opportunities


Our Client Value Drivers

  • Security

    Ensuring safe, compliant and transparent investment services

  • Expertise

    Combining crypto-native knowledge with a honed investment strategy

  • Performance

    Striving to generate superior returns with a long-term investment horizon

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  • Passion

    We are passionate about crypto
and the opportunities of its future ecosystem

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    We place clients at the centre of our mission and create value-adding long-term solutions

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    We build and innovate the future together as a dedicated team with outstanding commitment



Our track record blending crypto-native expertise with a honed investment strategy has proven the success of our cryptocurrency fund since 2019.



We invest directly in cryptocurrencies that address tangible use cases, provide economic benefits, demonstrate signs of product-market fit, and exhibit compelling crypto-economics combined with superior governance models.



Auditable deep cold storage custody solution secured through a multi-signature sharded key set-up across multiple physical locations held by multiple parties combined with traditional operational governance structures ensuring transparency and security of the invested assets.



Luxei Corporate Finance’s investment products meet the due diligence requirements of a collective investment fund, allowing investors to benefit from several unique advantages such as transparent and secure access, market liquidity of the invested assets and funds administered by reputable service providers.