Insurance Solutions


Insurance Solutions

Our team of insurance asset management professionals is dedicated to delivering investment solutions designed to meet insurers’ unique business objectives.

2+ Years of Working with Insurers

40+ Dedicated Professionals


We partner with insurers globally to provide tailored investment solutions.

Our team is committed to the insurance industry for the long term, through times of stability and uncertainty, and through all economic, underwriting and market cycles.

Delivering the Luxei Corporate Finance Platform

Luxei Corporate Finance Insurance Solutions leverages Luxei Corporate Finance’s leading investment platforms and people with the goal of delivering bespoke investments based on each insurer’s unique objectives, outlook and risk profile.

Developing and Structuring Insurance Investment Solutions

We customize investment products leveraging Luxei Corporate Finance’s credit platforms and diversified suite of alternatives to support insurers as they meet their obligations to stakeholders, invest in product innovation, and offer competitive retirement security and property protection products.

Note: All figures as of March 31, 2021, unless otherwise indicated.

Developing and Structuring Insurance Investment Solutions

“ Luxei Corporate Finance is built on integrity and investor trust. We founded our Insurance Solutions business with the objective of driving the best long-term outcomes for our clients and their policyholders and stakeholders.”

Hannes Ernesti CHAIRMAN & CEO Luxei Corporate Finance.