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Welcome to Luxei Corporate Finance

AI-Powered Wealth Creation and Management

Experience the Future of Trading with AI at Your Side! Our innovative approach leverages artificial
intelligence to maximize your investment potential and deliver unparalleled trading success
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Welcome to Luxei Corporate Finance

AI-Powered Wealth Creation and Management

Unlock the Potential of Financial Wealth with AI Trading!
Discover a trusted and enduring partner in our cutting-edge investment and fund management services.
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Global Conglomerate

We Run Like a Conglomerate,
Because That's What We Are.

We are well known in the industry for professional investment and fund management.
Most importantly, we are a reliable and long-term partner for our clients.
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Our research reports feature a wide range of countries and regions, including Quantum AI Trading, wherein we proactively track the issues and trends that affect economies as well as industries and markets, utilizing cutting-edge quantum AI algorithms.

Analytical Professionals.

Our curious team of investment analysts, supported by Quantum AI Trading technology, constantly seeks out new opportunities for clients with insightful commentary on the prevailing macroeconomic and financial market environment, ensuring a data-driven approach to investment decisions.

Value Investing.

By focusing on assets' intrinsic value and harnessing the power of Quantum AI Trading, we protect clients' investments against periods of misjudged market pessimism or euphoria, delivering more precise and agile investment strategies.

Growing in the right direction

Established in 2019, we are an independently owned investment firm based in the US. Today, Luxei Corporate Finance is comprised of 898 investment professionals with investment experience for more than 15 years.

Luxei Corporate Finance Shareholding

We take great pride in more than $21 billion in shareholder capital on behalf of over 40,000 retail investors as of 20th January 2021 and these figures increases dialy. This is partnered with our philanthropic initiatives, including creating and supporting the Future Generation companies, which see us actively contributing to our community.

Information on the investment strategy

The investment strategy of Luxei Corporate Finance focuses on safety and liquidity. The main objective of Luxei Corporate Finance strategy is the achievement of a reasonable yield within the given risk limits. Luxei Corporate Finance investments are guided by the principle of entrepreneurial prudence.

This principle may be split into dimensions: - All investments are made in a way to ensure that the requirements in terms of quality, safety, liquidity, yield, and disposability for the aggregate investment portfolio are fulfilled.

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Our set of values is based on decency and fairness. We want our investors, business partners, and tenants to experience us as a credible and current business partner who keeps what we promise, who is committed, and not least expertly competent. We work from value-based management, which we believe is the best starting point for innovative and enterprising collaborations that contribute to being a viable and well-functioning company. For us, it is also about being proactive and being at the forefront of the development of the market, which is a prerequisite for us to create value for our investors.


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